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How to use the Phrase Helper app

If you’re overseas and need help, just tap Phrase Helper.

• Communicate your situation to someone.

First, tap to select a topic in order communciate your situation to someone.

Flick the screen vertically to find the phrase you want to communciate.

The phrase you select will be translated and spoken to the other party on your behalf.

After communicating symptoms of illness, you can tap

(1) “Duration and Frequency”

(2) “Pain and Degree”

to communicate more detail regarding your condition, and by tapping

(3) “For Doctors”, your diagnosis and the name of your illness can be confirmed.

• When you want to know a doctor’s diagnosis at the hospital

Tap “Home” to go to the main screen.

When you want to ask a question:

In category“Post-Examination” → “Examination Complete”, tap the question you would like to ask.

Without delay, tap “Please use this machine”. Then pass Phrase Helper to the doctor.

When listening to the diagnosis:

Have the doctor tap the category
“For Doctors” → “Dr.” or “Names of Illnesses”. You will be able to hear the diagnosis in your own language.

Introducing the EX Language Series

EX Language is a communication support tool that crosses the language barrier.

EX Language Nurse (Free)

The Medical Phrase and Nurse Edition can be useful to develop a better relationship between medical professionals and patients. [English] [Chinese] [Korean] [Portuguese]

Phrase Helper

English → Japanese

English → Chinese (Sch)

EX Language series others

Japanese → English

Japanese → Chinese (Tch)

Japanese → Korean

Japanese → Chinese (Tch)

This tool is useful in overcoming the language barrier overseas. When you have an emergency or fall ill, you go to a hospital, receive treatment, hear the doctor’s diagnosis, receive medication, and settle your bill. This process is naturally very difficult to follow overseas, but this app gives you powerful support!

Please send us your comments!

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• I wish the app included this phrase.

• Please send us your comments and tell us how you have found Phrase Helper to be useful. Your feedback will help us make our app better.